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Thread: Marantz 2230

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    Default Marantz 2230

    Just picked up a pair of SDA-2's and need an amp for short term use, is this 2230 common ground? At $100 is worth getting till I can upgrade?

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    Thats a receiver,not an amp, to clarify. Yeah, you could use it, is it worth 100 bucks ? Seems to me you should save the coin for the new purchase.

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    My bad on the receiver/amp I'm glad your're telling me to save and get something diff, I just want to play with my SDA's. Thanks

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    There is a simple way to tell if your amp is a common ground. Place an ohm meter between the two black speaker posts/terminals you should read zero. Not one or two but zero, just like when the leads are placed together. Then check each black post to the metal chassis. They should also be zero. If that all checks you have a common ground. Good to go for SDA. If you're not sure, just don't connect the SDA cable.
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