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    Default which one is black?

    HI guys, I hope this a new thread as not to get heiny9 all in a twiiter. Anyway I was looking at my rack and because of my amazing powers of perception that all black is not what it claims to be. To me I personallyI like the high gloss black then you have matte black,gun metal black andthat silvery fake looking black and probably a few more. Now for those who dare to compare colors of audio gear to kitchen appliances or any thing for that matter, well there is no comparison. If I wanted a silver look that's what I'd go for but these variations just drive me nuts. Does this bother any body else
    or if it works and still looks ok live w/ it.

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    A bit of a contrast can be nice at times. Instead of having the different shades of color here and there, can you arrange them in a particular order ? Like the darkest piece at the bottom and then progressing upward so that the lightest shade is at the very top. That way they don't look so out of place, and blend together better.
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    You must really be bored dude!!!!!!

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    Are you infatuated with H9? Somehow, I do not feel the love. As for black? Ask masterpp. He should know where to get black paint by now. At least I would hope so.
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    And if only you knew where to buy black paint. Problem solved!

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