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    Default Front Projection vs. Flat Panel in Multi-Use Room

    I need help with deciding between front projection and flat panel for a multi-use room. I could squeeze in a 92" screen for FP, however, this is a multi-use room. When we watch movies, we turn off all lights, but at least 60% of the time, there's some lights on when watching tv or playing games. Flat screen is ideal for the multi-use room, but I'm limited to 65" (i'm considering either Panny VT25 plasma or a Samsung 8000 led/lcd). I do NOT like the picture quality of the Mitsubishi DLP rear projection tv's that come in the 65, 73 and 80" sizes. Besides, they won't fit through the 90 degree turn in the stairwell.

    I'm sure there's Polkies out there with FP in a multi-use room environment. What projector and screen are you using? Are you satisfied with the image? What improvements would you make if you could? Are any of you in the Chicago area and be willing to demo for me?

    I would really like a big screen but concerned about too much ambient light for the majority of our tv watching. Thanks
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    An Epson 8700UB with a High Power screen would do wonders in that environment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Serendipity View Post
    An Epson 8700UB with a High Power screen would do wonders in that environment.
    +1. As long as you get something reasonably bright, a projector will be just fine. I'm running an Epson 8500UB with a regular 1.1 gain Elite screen, and it's still pretty damn watchable with the lights on.
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    Epson 8500UB 1080p projector
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    See posts 2 & 3. Hi gain screen would be a great help. It's not really required, but something in the 1.3 -1.4 area would give you alot of pop.
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