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Thread: Delayed sound

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    Default Delayed sound

    Sometimes the Surroundbar 3000 output is delayed, causing the picture and sound to be out of synch. Any ideas in what causes this and how to fix it?

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    this is a common problem with receivers, cable, and certain audio outputs on tv's. Many times its due to the processing of the digital picture by the tv and the audio going out before the video signal is processed and up on the screen. there are devices that can adjust the delay but theyre a couple hundred bucks.
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    I had issues with a small delay difference between using analog RCAs and a digital optical cable. I had my Kenwood unit feeding a unit in another room via optical cable. The optical cable always seemed to have a small delay to it which drove me nuts. I finally was just too frustrated by it and got a long analog cable to replace it. Not sure if this will help, but I thought I'd throw out the insight.
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