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    Default best way to hook up two subs

    Here is my setup:
    AMP - Technics Stereo Intergrated Amplifier SU-V97
    EQAULIZER - Technics Stereo Graphic Eqaulizer SH-8033
    TUNER - Technics Synthesizer AM/FM Stereo Tuner ST-S77
    SPEAKERS - Polk Audio RTi70
    SUBWOOFERS - Polk Audio PSW202
    - Sound Dynamics THS 3000
    CABLE - Home Depot 12 Gauge

    What would be the best way to hook up the two subwoofers? I don't really know what the most efficent way is. The Sound Dynamics THS 3000 Subwoofer is down firing and my floor in my bedroom is carpet, I was thinking about making up a piece of 1/4" plate aluminum and placing it underneath. Is that a good idea? Where should I place the two subwoofers, my room is fairly large, 20' x 13'. By the way I am planning on buying a Harman Kardon HK3475, so the Technics will be gone shortly!

    Tell me what you think.

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    Default 2 subs

    Just split the sub out from your receiver, & run it to the subs. Make sure you put the subs close together, or stack them on to of each other. Any-more qs Dr Spec will know!!!

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    Wish I knew...


    I agree with Groove Holmes :) Stack em and throw em in the cornor. I have spent countless hours moving and adjusting and this and that, and to my satisfaction stacked in the cornor is the best for way in a large room. For me anyways. I belevie you gain 3db for stacking them alone. Make sure you have your more powerful amp turned up more than your "smaller" one.


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    Originally posted by spasticpitbull
    Make sure you have your more powerful amp turned up more than your "smaller" one.
    Good approach here would be to calibrate each to same level at a frequency they can both reach.
    More later,
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