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    Default Polk Audio Tsi300 - Amp matching?


    This could be considered a review, an observation, a problem - all into one so please bear with me.

    I upgraded from a Sherwood RX-4109 Stereo Receiver (which were poweing Jamo E530 bookshelves) to a Denon AVR-1910 because, the Sherwood, although, very detailed and crisp could not get any bass out the the power hungry Jamo's and used to clip over 60%. I hooked the speakers to a friend's Denon AVR-2805 and found the Jamo's reach new levels both in terms of bass and loudness.

    However, I also added a pair of Polk Audio TSi 300 (with a view to get a sound more complete in frequency range). I retained the Jamo to utilize the AVR's number of channels and slowely convert the setup into a Home Theatre). For now, the E530 and TSi300 both are connected to front A and B and I often listen to same music through either or both together.

    Here's the problem - the Denon-Polk combo is extremely sibilant (lot of stress on ssss) and although bass is finally good, the mid/vocal is thin and light and the treble (which appeared better detail earlier) is actually slightly shrill and thin.

    The Denon-Jamo combo on the other hand has a shade less sibilance (but still noticeable and annoying) but the vocal is warm and bold without overshadowing treble (the bass ofcourse is still weak).

    I can't help feeling that it was not a good move shifting to Denon AVR in the first place and partering Denon & Polk in the second. And now I am tempted to go back to a good integrated amp.

    Which amp would partner well with the bright characteristics of the polks?

    Cambidge Audio, Marantz, NAD, or Denon integrated series?

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    I don't really know what to tell you here. That's a newer Denon and lower model than mine. I have an AVR 2807 a couple of years up from the 2805 with a little more power and I've run TSI-300s on it with none of the problems you describe. The bass was not great by any means but there was no sibilance. Everything was very clean. In fact, I'd say the Denon paired well, musically, with the TSIs...a bit warmer than an Onkyo or Pioneer or lower end Yamaha?

    In any case of the receivers above, NAD and Marantz would be 'warmer'. Cambridge Audio is nice, clean and neutral but it may be too much so! And the Denon integrated series, I haven't heard. Another option would be Harman Kardon--also a bit less sharp on top!


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    Thanks for your input. At the time I tried Denon AVR-2805 with Jamo bookshelves, I did not have Polk Audio TSi300. My experience of sound from AVR-2805 & Jamo combo was very good as I mentioned earlier. This is what prompted me to go for a Denon AVR. I guess there is a considerable difference in the quality of AVR-2805/2807 and the new AVR-1910 (although the power ratings are similar).

    Interesting comment on the Cambridge Audio! Could you explain more?

    I am not particularly attached to a "warm" sound. If I have to describe the desired characteristics - Detailed highs without shrillness/sibilance, True Vocals with power and body and fast bass with a little depth & extension where music demands. An overall balanced or neutral sound.

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