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    Default Timbre Matching Question

    I have a very hodgepodge system right now, and I'm looking to add mains and surrounds from the Monitor series. Here's what I have right now:

    Denon AVR-1804 (90W x 6) receiver
    Klipsch RW8 sub
    Polk CS2 center
    Polk S4 speakers in front (will be replaced)

    My room is 13' x 20'.

    Here are my questions:

    #1: With the 6.5" CS2 speakers, do I need to purchase the 6.5" M70s to match? Or would the 5.25" M60s match just as well?

    #2: I will set my fronts to "small" on my receiver and crossover at 80Hz. Does that eliminate any advantage the 70s might have over the 60s, or do the larger drivers have an advantage in the vocal and mid-bass region?

    Thanks for helping me make my decision!
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    #1 - I don't think the driver size should impact your front soundstage. As long as they are from the Monitor series the front should sound seamless from left to center to right. I could maybe see the center being a little louder before you calibrate, but not after.

    #2 - My first guess would be that the 70s would have better bass response. But, since you're powering everything from a single receiver, the 60s may be easier to drive? I haven't heard the 70s / 60s so I'll let the experts comment there..
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