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    Brian V. S

    Default Porsche Boxster S '03

    I just bought my '02 Porsche Boxster S and love it to death...BUT the stock sound system that comes with it. I plan to upgrade it to a top notch system with the following: Kenwood KAC-K810D Multi-Channel 1600-Watt Amp 1ohm; Polk MM124 12" Subwoofer (2); Polk MM104 10" Subwoofers; SCREEMERZ 900-watt Flush Mount 4'' Tweeter 97db 300-watts each; Upgrade L/R.Rear Speakers w/Infiniti Kappa 42.5i; Upgraded Dashboard Speakers Infinity Kappa32.5cf; Upgrade door speakers w/Polk MMC690 3-way Speakers 4ohm. Is this good enough to do the job? If not please give insight on how I can upgrade my system.
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    Brian V. S

    Default SP

    SP '03 Porsche Boxster S

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    i think that if you put everything you just stated into your car it'll sound like absolute garbage.

    do not mix 10" and 12" subs... they will not blend together well. if you want 4 subs, do 4 10's or 4 12's... personally i'd do 4 10's, they'll hit a little higher... but the 12's would take the absolute low a little better.. i dunno, i think two 10's is plenty for that car... but if u want 4 -- then 4.... just keep them the same size and brand/model.

    the 810D is 800 x 1 at 2 ohms isn't it? and its not a multichannel its a mono amp... i'm pretty much sure i'm right on that -- i'd look it up but its 1 am. -- also, its not 1 ohm stable.

    therefore, to run 4 subs, you'd need 1600 - 2000 x 1 at 1 ohm or two 800-1000 x 1 at 2 ohm amps.

    thus - two 810D's.

    i also do not see why you're doing 4" tweeters, dash speakers and door speakers in front -- that's a bit excessive and while the right installer and the right audio guy could configure it properly - possibly - i still dont think its the best setup for the car.

    Rather - a 3 way component system, with the 5.25, 6.5, or 6.75 inch midbass driver in the door location, the 4 inch true-mid in the dash location, and the tweeter either mounted to the pillar or somewhere where it'll sound best (possibly the top of the door panel / sail panel)

    i mean me, i'm cool with 2 ways (somethin like the momo component sets... they're nice stuff) but if u're hell bent on fillin every hole -- then a 3 way Focal Polykevlar set would do well.

    rears -- just get the midbass driver that'll fit the hole which is of the same series as the component set u buy. if u want coax's -- well somethin better than infinity would be a good idea -- the momo coax's oughta be great, hell the EX III coax's are better than infinity's.

    amping up the fronts oughta be fun - i suggest an amp rated at least 175 x 2 (pref - 200+)for the front if you go with 4 subs... 30 - 50 x 2 for the back should be plenty.
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    4 subs in a porche?
    id go with 2 mm12s
    that way youll still have a little bit of trunk space left...and 2 12s will be more enough for that car in my opinion

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