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    Default Looking for CS400 Center Speaker

    Hi all. It's been a while since I've posted here. I was wondering if anyone here is selling their CS400, or knows anyone who is. I had some bad luck with the CSi30, and I decided to take the RTi28's back, along with the 30, and I tried out the Infinity Entra speakers, and I hated them. After reading a lot of great reviews for Fluance speakers, I decided to go with thier SX-HTB system, which everyone at says I'll love. I hope their right. Well, anways, I still have my R15's. I had a CS245I center speaker that I sold to a friend a while back, which he never got around to using, so he kindly gave it back to me. I've been using these speakers while I wait for my Fluance's, which should be here Wed, and the sound was great. The CS245I really shined with "The Fellowship of the Ring" DVD, the extended version, which is the best DVD I own. What I was thinking about doing is keeping the Polks and using them in my bedroom system as my rears in a modest 6.1 setup, and opt for the RTi38's as my fronts, and hopefully, the CS400 as my front center. Heck, I might even make it my main system, and use the Fluance speakers in my bedroom. I am hoping that someone on here has a CS400 that they wouldn't mind selling, because I will be more than happy buying. Well, I better run, you guys take care.

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    I have one I may sell. Depends...

    CS400i in very good condition, dont have the box or maual but not a major scratch on it.

    PM me if you are interested.
    Front----------Polk RT800i (BI-wired)
    Rear-----------Polk RT600i
    Center---------Polk CS400i (BI-wired)
    Sub------------SVS 25-31PCi (22Hz tuning port)... it's SubHuman
    Receiver-------YAMAHA RX-V1400
    TV-------------Mitsubishi WT-46807 HDTV
    HD receiver-----T i V o HR10-250

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