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    Default Voltage output/input question

    So i have Kenwood DNX headunit putting out 2v signal.
    Those 2 volts are going into Arc Audio XEQ (equalizer) that puts out 8V and sends it to Arc Audio IDX (crossover) that also puts out 8V. Basically both Arc pieces act as line drivers as well, both put out 8V.

    I'm thinking of getting Polk's full range class-D amps in near future. Their "gain range" is from 6V to 200mV. What effect will this have?
    Will there really be 8 volts reaching my amps?
    If so - any "damage" to either equipment due to "extra" 2 volts that line drivers put out while amps don't cover?
    Will it be simply like having a bit too much gain on whatever other system?

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    I'm not an expert about this but when the installer put in my Bit Ten for me they did not set the input gain on my processor correctly. My Kenwood deck ouput is 4V. The Bit Ten can take up to 5V but they set the sensitivity wrong as they used the wrong test disc and the car wasn't running when they set the input. So basically in the end my headunit was outputting 4V and the Bit Ten was set for something like 3V. The result = extremely bad distortion from the tweeters and suboptimal sound.

    I would think you could still use the Arc Audio piece as long as you find out how to have it only send 6V to the amp. It would only be sending 8V at full output so I think you could still make it work by limiting the output. There is a way to check output voltage with a multimeter right? You could just do that with a test disc.
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