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    Default Help on Side Speakers - FXi Vs RTi

    Hi all!

    Ok so I have the SDA II as front speakers. I purchased a CSi-A5 as a center (for $112 if you can believe that!?!) and I am trying to get some rear speakers.

    I am looking at RTi-A3 or the FXi-A6 or A4s off Polkdirect Ebay. Which would be better?

    I need to mount the speakers to the side of the listening position and want to listen to HT and music.

    I was thinking at the RTi-A3 mounted on a pedestal and the FXi-A6 on the wall if that makes any difference.

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    FXi all the way. I'm assuming you'll have them off for music, considering you have SDAs up front. The FXi speakers are very versatile and can be positioned on the side or behind. They also give you a bipole/dipole option to alter the sound to your preference.
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    Awesome - thanks for the response. Polkdirect has the dipole Fxi-a6's for $299 - I didn't think that was too bad.

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