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    Default crossover frequencies

    I am new to this forum. I recently purchased my first polk audio set up and had a few questions. First let me start by saying I absolutely love my new speakers. I have what many would call a very modest set up, but it works great for me and my budget. Now let me tell you what I have. I have an lg 55lh40 lcd tv, an onkyo 608 receiver, two tsi200's as my fronts, a cs10 as my center, two tsi100's as surrounds, and two t15's as rears. As for subs, I have a psw125 and a psw110 stacked in a front corner running off of "y" splitter. My plan was originally to use two more tsi100's as rears, and another 125 sub, but I came across a killer deal on the t15's and the 110 that could not be passed up. I think it sounds good and was wondering if someone could give me some advice on two things, one, the crossover freq. I should set the speakers to individually, and, two, any advice on sub placement. I started with them in opposite front corners, but think I am getting better sound with them stacked. Any help would be appreciated. Like I said before, I am new to this. Upgraded from an onkyo htib, and wow, what a difference. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    I'd set your speakers and subs to 80hz, cross your subs over through the receiver and turn the crossovers on the back of the subs all the way up. As for placement it really depends on the room. I have one in each corner of my room but if they sound better stacked i'd leave em. You can get a few extra decibels by corner loading them.
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    Thanks for the advice b run. That is pretty close to what i have them at now. Speakers are all at 80 but i set the sub at 120. I read that is the "only" setting for it? That it is meant to be at that setting. Not sure exactly why, something about the way movies are mixed. Any specific reason why you are sayin 80? Just curious. As for the subs, I do get good, un localized bass from the corner. I am worried about tweaking them if they are seperated because of the differences between them. I think I will keep them where they are for now. I have the female factor to contend with and she is tired of me moving things all around. She thinks I am a raving lunatic, crawling around on the floor, sweating, for what she says, is not that much of a difference. So until I can get her out of the house to let me run rampid on the subs, I am stuck. Thanks again.

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    80hz is the thx recommended setting..and in most cases it is usually good enough. some rooms have dead spots and so tweaking it would help. stacked loading is giving you more output. sometimes though that could lead to more localizing as well... lots of articles on good sub placement. one recommendation with 2 subs is to put them halfway across on each of the side walls... another idea is to try nearfield and place it on either side of your couch... requires longer cable runs and possibly some adjustment for delays.
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    80 is usually a good start point, f you have bigger towers you can go lower (I think 80 is about right for you)

    literally no reason to go higher unless you got little satellites.

    I cross my LSi15's at 40-60 I believe. I like to let the tower do as much work as it an, but that's just me. Don;t hesitate to experiment, its what makes the hobby fun, but B run's suggestions make a good working start point (and could very well be the best setting given your gear)
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    I think I am going to play around with my crossover settings as well. I have mine set at 80 as a recommendation, but will do some experimentation to see how lowering the crossover affects the sound.

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