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    Default Hz and Khz CROSSOVER SWITCHES

    Is there a hard and fast rule how to have your Integrated Amplifier Hz and Khz switches set ? As an example, I have for "Treble" a 3Khz crossover position and a 6 Khz position on my Sansui AU-717. And for Bass,I have 400Hz and 200Hz Crossover positions. Do you use a certain combination for lower volume and then change the Crossover setting combinations for louder levels ? I mean I know you do,but is their a rule to follow based on your Volume Setting ? Does this matter especially since you can adjust your Bass and Treble using those control knobs also ?

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    Those change the "knee" points (or, if you will, crossover frequencies) on the bass and treble controls.
    The 6 kHz position will give the treble control a more subtle characteristic than the 3 kHz position. Likewise, the 400 Hz bass turnover setting will let the bass control have more impact on midbass than would the 200 Hz turnover.

    Use the settings that give you the tone control effects (if any) that you want.

    HTH, as they say.
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