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    Default Eosone RSF 600 speakers. Anyone have experience w them

    I just picked up a pair of these speakers and a RSC center channel. I was just wondering what owners of them in the past or current think of them. I hooked them up in my secondary HT set up last night with great results. as always ,Thanks,Darryl........................

    Pioneer Elite SC 63
    SDA SRS 1.2 front
    Rti12 rear
    FXiA6 sides
    Emotiva XPA 3
    Adcom GFA 555
    CSiA6 center
    PSW505 Subwoofer
    Original PS3 60G
    Oppo DV981HD cd transport
    Mitsubishi 73 rear projection
    Sanyo DC Servo player TP 727 turntable
    Monster HTS 5100MKII
    MIT MH-750 cables

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    Eosone was the "other" Polk brand, circa mid 1990's. A joint effort between Polk and Arnie Nudell (not sure if spelling is correct). Arnie has founded a couple of speaker brands and at the time he had the Genesis brand. I think he was the founder of Infinity, I may be wrong about that. Anyway, the speakers were very nice and they used the surround field technology. The only reservation I had about them was that they used foam surrounds on the drivers. Hope this helps. Cheers.

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    I have two sets of the rsf600 towers. They sound great to me. Original owner of one set (about $800/pair) and the other I recently aquired very cheap at a pawn shop ($45/pair had a blown tweeter that I replaced with two decent Vifa that sounds spot on). I have been thinking about selling and upgrading, but I can't find anything that I consider and upgrade within a reasonable budget. I haven't really had much experience with comparing them to newer Polks, Klipsch, etc, but I have compared them to some older vintage classics, and no way would I trade them for average vintage models that are popular with the vintage folks. I drive them with a vintage solid state Pioneer SA-9500 integrated amp. I rarely adjust the tone controls as these speakers are very balanced and changing the tones just loses that balance. At least that is what I hear from them. Maybe I have had them so long that they are my reference to compare. I would consider them a strong contender in the mid-fi range. Your thoughts?

    Any others here previously owned a set of rsf600s and find a better replacement? I am interested in your opinions after switching.

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    Dabutcher, how do those stand up compared to your RTi series speakers? Saw a good deal on RTi10s and wondered if they would be worth it to purchase and swap out.
    Pioneer SA-9500
    Pioneer TX-8500II
    Sony CDP-C701ES
    Eosone RSF600
    Delphi Sirus/XM
    Pioneer PL-514 TT

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