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    Default MM6501 tweeters, bi-amping

    Hello. I bought a set of MM6501's recently and need some input. I accidentally crushed one of the tweeters while installing it, as it was hanging off the dash and the wind slammed the door on it. I bought a replacement tweeter and I was sent a tweeter for a MM5251. Do the 5.25s and the 6.5s use the exact same tweeter? I don't want to end up sending 125W to it and fry the replacement tweeter if it can't handle as much power :(

    Also, I'm considering bi-amping. Do I have to worry about cone breakup running the mids from 100Hz up? And I would still run the tweets through the crossover, correct?

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    Yup. Same tweeter. Crossover points are different in the passive x-over I believe but the tweet is still the same.

    Youll have no problem running the mids from 100 Hz and up. Youd actually want to run them lower than that like at least as low as 63. And yes, youd run your mids full range and then run the tweeter thru the x-over.
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    Thank you for the help! I just finished bi-amping them and wow, I was amazed by the midbass when I set the high pass lower like you said. Blends much better with the sub than my previous 5x7s.

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