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    Default Subwoofer sounds like a buffalo stampede

    The wireless subwoofer that came with my Surroundbar3000 has started to make a noise like a buffalo stampede. I purchased this unit in December 2010. I was initially able to reset the speaker by unplugging and plugging it back in, however, now it does it all of the time.

    Please advise. Thanks.

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    Best to call polk customer service. Sounds like the plate amp is gone.
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    Stop watching Dances with Wolves?

    Or call customer service. If unplugging it and plugging it in fixed it, then I agree it is probably the amp.
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    Default Buffalo noise

    Same here. DSWPro 440wi -

    Here is what I have tried:

    1.) Shut down all devices - Amp OFF, RCA plug removed. Wifi Connection kit still connected - problem persists

    2.) There is a Wifi Router in the room but when I turn that off it doesn't make any changes.

    3.) Un plug the base station for the Wireless connection kit (from power)and the problem stops. Interference and noise is coming through the box. I also notice when i am moving it around the problem increases in intensity

    4.) The TV is a wired ethernet as is most everything else I have in the room.

    5.) I live in a condo so it could be coming from anywhere.

    What temporarily fixes the issue. I have to turn off the sub, Unplug the dongle in the back, turn on the sub, turn it off, plug the dongle back in, turn the sub back on.

    My guess is that it picks a different channel to communicate over which is not colliding with another signal.

    Not a great long term solution since the noise comes back rather soon, as in a few days or hours depending on the status of the interference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phocion View Post
    Stop watching Dances with Wolves?
    I was going to say exactly the same thing!:tongue:
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    i would try checking the wire connection my teacher always tells me that most problems have a very simple solution.

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