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    Default Outlaw LFM-1 Plus

    Alright guys, I waited a few days for this, as I wanted a chance to get it dialed in.

    I'll admit it. I'm like a lot of people out there, I was disappointed at first. I thought when I plopped this thing down, hooked it up, and turned it on it would be a life altering experience. It was not. However, I had set myself up for this, I have read plenty of these experiences, and I knew that when I first hooked it up and ran some tracks and scenes through it the first few days, it would be break-in.

    This is day three, day one was disappointing. Day two was better, I didn't have to leave the house on day two for work, so it got plenty of a work out, I still hadn't pushed it hard. Today is day three. I got home, watched some TV for a warm-up, hence the photo of the current set-up. (See paused crappy movie on Starz.)

    I decided to give it a bit of a gambit this afternoon, fiancee is off reviewing for her waste water test. First off was some music, DVD version of Foo Fighters: Live at Wembley Stadium. I skipped to track 16 where John Paul Jones and Robert Plant come out, and Grohl jumps to the drum set. I love some Grohl on drums. I wasn't happy still, on day 3. I'd forgotten that I'd ran Audssy last night and hadn't adjusted the levels to my liking, did this, and BOOM. There it finally was! The sub hit hard where it needed too, and kept up with the pace of the rest of the system. Great! We had watched Flight of the Phoenix on the first night, and didn't have the sub turned up, I wasn't impressed on night one, as I've said. This afternoon was a whole different soundtrack it seemed like. After a bit of break-in and playing with my settings, a whole another experience. I watched the sandstorm/crash scene, at a volume that I prefer over hers. Wow, room filling base, hard hitting where it needed to be! This is great! So far, after day 3, I'm in love. I'm coming from what most already know, a PSW10. It is a night and day difference.

    Overall, I have a hard time fighting buyers remorse with any product that I spend some good coin on, audio or not. Today, this has dispersed any remorse that I may have had. Even watching HD Starz I'm happy, base seems to be tight, hitting, and clear. I've had a tough time adjusting from the BOOM of my PSW10, but I now know what I've been missing. I have yet to do a sub crawl, but I do have two other placement options, one is a near field placement, and one is mid room, I just need a longer cable from MP to try it. Build quality on this thing seems top notch, I can not find a flaw in the finish, driver looks solid, and I've very happy with the provided spikes and dimpled holders for the spikes. I hope these words help anybody that was in my position for the past few months, as I'm in a new audio world here, and it seems to be getting better with every hour put on it.


    FYI - LFM-1 Plus is Lillian and Drama approved!
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