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    Hi there, I am new to the forum so here goes. I am hooking up my HT system. I have Mission 727s for my main speakers but they lack a lot in bass. I want to hook up a PSW10 with them. I am thinking of running form the receiver to the sub with speaker wire and then to the mains. Here are my questions...
    1) Do the missions see the low end or does the PSW10 remove it?
    2) What is powering the missions? The sub amplifier or the Receiver?
    3)Is there a better way to do? Have 5.1 speaker set up with all speakers just need more low end out of the mains?
    Thanks for your time. Cheers

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    When running through the speaker level on a subwoofer, it's just a passive crossover.
    The low end goes to the sub and is stripped, the speakers never see it. It's a fixed crossover too, typically 80hz.
    The power from the receiver passes through the sub, the sub only powers itself.
    The best way is to use the subwoofer pre-out on your receiver and run a RCA cable to the RCA inputs of the sub.
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    Actually, the PSW10 doesn't have a high pass filter when using the speaker level connections. The full range signal still goes to the main speakers. this is true of most inexpensive subs. But if you hook it up with the RCA connections from the sub out on the receiver, you will be able to use bass management in the receiver to cut the low frequencies from the mains.
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    Thanks for the help. But I am getting conflicting reports. I already have a 12" sub for movies, but i like to listen to CDs in direct format that is why I need to hook up the sub in line with the missions.

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