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    Default Help Deciding on the Pre-Amp


    I'm new here, and I need some help

    Basically I have a NAD M25 as an amplifier, so the logical step would be a NAD M15HD as a preamp. But by shopping a bit I was given those choice:

    1. Integra DHC-80.2

    Pros: 3D HDMI, USB for iPod and Firmware Upgrade, Internet Radio, 9.2 Speakers output, Neural Technology, XLR Balanced Output

    Cons: Sound is not refined as the NAD or anthem, and I haven't seen any reference on whether it will upsample the PCM sound to 192khz.

    2. NAD M15HD

    Pros: Great sound (more musical to the others), Modular Design, can upgrade eas, Can upsample PCM sound to 192khz

    Cons: No XLR Balance Output, Reliability a Concern, no 3D HDMI (but it will be available soon), have only 4 HDMI input, Only 7.1 speakers output, no Network nor USB

    3. Anthem D2v

    Pros: ARC system which is much better than audyssey that is used by the two others, sound is very detailled (good for movies, but for music NAD is better), XLR balance output, Can upsample PCM sound to 192khz

    Cons: 7.1 Speakers Output, no 3D HDMI (but it will be available soon), The most expensive preamp, and trade-in is not given either, for music I prefer NAD, not modular design, no Network nor USB

    Can the expert chime on some advise? What would be my best choice?


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    all I see is cows and cheese...


    if you want you can always get something like the Oppo with dual HDMI outputs and run one straight to the display to bypass any non 3D pre/pro or AVR
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    I have the NAD 175HD and Anthem D2, I am getting ready to run another head to head with the two using my Proceed Amp as the common factor and allowing XLR connections on the D2 this time. The first go around the NAD won for music, it just had that extra bit of smoothness and warmth versus the very detailed Anthem sound. In terms of movies, the D2 definitely won.

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    A Complementary of information on NAD M15HD (Just got a call from a NAD Rep):

    For the 3D, they will replace the current HDMI card which has 1 OUT 4 IN, with a card which has 2 OUT, 3 IN, and later on they will sacrifice/revamp the composite card which will have another 3 HDMI IN to make 2 OUT and 6 HDMI IN.

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