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Thread: AudioArt ICs

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    Default AudioArt ICs

    I run Wyred gear (DAC, Pre, and Amp) and was using MIT Shotgun S2 and S3 ICs and thought all was good. However, a few forum members mentioned that MIT ICs may not synergize well with the Wyred gear due to the impedence adjustments done by both the MIT cables and the Wyred gear. To test this theory I had Rob at AudioArt cables build me a couple pairs of hot rodded IC3s to replace the MITs. The AudioArt cables delivered substantially more crispness, sparkle, and resolution than I was getting with the MITs. The MITs sounded somewhat muddy in comparison. So synergy does matter and with Wyred gear AudioArt cables work very well.
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    Most of my interconnects are from Audio Art as well as my speaker cable. Don't ask me for any comparison though because I don't have a "golden ear". However, I can tell you that my system sounds very good to me.

    I suppose I could switch out to regular cables and see if there is a degradation in quality since I am used to the current sound. However, I don't really feel like doing that right now.

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    MIT's didn't do it for my system either.
    Please. Please contact me a ben62670 @ Make sure to include who you are, and you are from Polk so I don't delete your email. Also I am now physically unable to work on any projects. If you need help let these guys know. There are many people who will help if you let them know where you are.

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    Same here with MIT's...just didn't jell in my system. I do have an Audio Art PC for my Music Hall dac & it is performs extremely well. I've got to get around to trying their IC's & possible speaker cables down the road. I've heard nothing but high praise for the line.
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    I use some audio art cables as well. IC 3 interconnects and the Power 1 power cables. Both are very good i find except i find the Power 1 makes my Cd player take on a brighter characteristic. The Power 1 is great on my amps though!
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    When I got my W4S int amp it was bought from the owner of Audio Art cables and at that time I went with their TOTL IC's and speaker cables (made me a deal I couldn't pass up ;) and the synergy with my system was fantastic.....had them do their in house burn in before shipping as well......Bob is a great guy to work with and knows his stuff...........great to see others are having the same positive experiences......have not tried any of their PC's yet....

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    Way to go Polkitup. Audio Art makes some nice ICs and Cables. After having MIT Shotguns in my W4S system, I came to the same conclusion with the addition of ICs and cables from MAC cables.

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    Has anyone compared the Audio Art IC's to the King Cobras?
    I have gotten speaker and power cables from Rob that i really like but no experience with the IC's yet.rob is one hell of a guy to deal with and makes nice stuff for sure.
    Thanks for the thread Polkitup2..

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    Im thinking about trying these cables between my new ps audio dl III dac and my krell. Will xlr make a big difference over the rca offerings? Im interested in the se model ic. Thanks in advance:-)
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    I had King Cobras (and QA CV-6 speaker cables) prior to Audio Art ICs (IC3-SE) and speaker cables (SC-5). I think the difference like most things will be a matter of taste and equipment. I thought the King Cobra's were open airy and detailed but not harsh at the top. The bass wasn't remarkable in any way.

    The Audio Art drops some of the air and a bit of the leading edge IMO but gives back in more solid stage and cohesiveness across the spectrum. Things just seem a bit tighter and more locked in for me.
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    Does't Audio Art use DH Labs raw cabling for their designs?

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    the head guy at dh labs helped with the audio art design.
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    I ,also am not of the GOLDEN EAR listening affciondos and the only difference I ever heard was taking apart my heavy duty RCAs and use Phillips Single ICs and truth be told I noticed some clarity or a cleansing if that is a true review.I have a very hard time coming to grips w/ people paying so much for their ICs. Justified ,I don't know, but I'd love to hear the difference......LW

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