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    Default What's your take on group The Tragically Hip?

    Living in Canada, if you have not heard of the "Hip" you may have been living under a rock!
    That being said, I have always heard or had the impression that "the rest of the World" never really liked or warmed up to them. Could be that they are too Canadiana in their music videos, may be bad marketing or that you just don't like the type of music they play. I am not really sure.

    I am not painting everyone with the same brush with my above statement, as I know there are lots of people in the States and the rest of the world that do like them.

    I guess I am wondering why they never made it big outside of Canada.

    Of course what you like and what I like can differ, but there really seems to be a disconnect with the Hip and the rest of the world.

    (I can take criticism about my self and my taste in music, but I would appreciate it if you would not put down Canada or Canadians in your comments as to why you do not like them. Thanks, Greg)

    Here are a few vids of their music which in my opinion gives a good range of what they have done and can do.

    New Orleans is Sinking (1989)

    Courage (1992)

    Grace Too (1994)

    Ahead By a Century (1996)

    My comments about them being to Canadiana relate to a lot of their songs having Canadian locations, people, events, historians, hockey, etc.

    What do you think of the "Hip"

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    Thumbs up

    Love, love, love them! They got the gutsy midwest US blues sound down better than some US bands from that part of the country. I heard 'New Orleans is Sinkin' on the radio in '89, and had to to go to 6 record stores in NYC till I found the Lp. They weren't and still aren't that big here in the States, they have a very loyal following tho. I saw them twice here in Tucson playing to a packed house of die-hard Hipsters! Great live band!

    If you like them, check out The Rainmakers from KC, they were even more obscure here in their homeland, their self titled debut is a must have/listen to.
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    Rush and The Tragically Hip. The two best Canadian bands ever. I have 5 of their albums on vinyl and I paid waaaaaaay to much for each of them but man do they sound good on a record player. I'm a bigger fan of their earlier stuff than their last few albums but all of it is great.
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    they rock.. plain and simple.. my new most favorite song of theirs is "You're not the ocean"
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    The Hip have great songs , they are on the top 10 of my favorite bands/singers from Canada with Rush , Triumph , Blue Rodeo , The Guess Who , Jeff Healey , Our Lady Peace and Sam Roberts Band .

    Sam Roberts have great songs also like Our Lady Peace .



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