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    Default Help choosing a blu ray

    I planned on getting this blue ray until I read this review. I have an onkyo 708 receiver now so I wanted to match it up with this blu ray so they might be more compatible. This review claims that the onkyo doesn't support netflix however on onky's page shows that it does.

    I do plan on using netflix and then also using my player to play my other movies and Cd's. The Oppo which I have never heard of does look interesting but obviously I'm open for suggestions.

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    Sorry for posting twice I thought I messed up the first time.

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    The oppo 93 is a great universal player that does Netflix, and blockbuster rentals streaming. Good cd and sacd playback. I also like the ps3 for it's price and Netflix, Vudu streaming. PQ and SQ is the best out there for streaming Netflix.

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    I would highly recommend the Oppo, you just can't go wrong with that player. The 93 will do what you and 99% of the people out there want...

    I have a 83-SE, so no streaming but I can do that via TiVo or PS3.

    I say get the Oppo 93 and be done with it.
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    For the price listed for that onkyo the Oppo 93 is a no brainer. i would get the oppo no questions asked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoBGiles View Post
    I am not mistaken i think Samsung HT-AS720 is the best blu ray. Very user friendly and of good quality.
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