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    Default PSW-202 is now making a hum when plugged in...

    It seems after reading a ton of posts over the years about powered subs developing a hum, my PSW-202 has joined the club! Out of nowhere last nite, I turned the system on to watch a movie, and there was a loud hum coming from the sub. It is not effected by unplugging the source cable, and only goes away when the sub is actually switched to off. After reading, it seems they all have the same issue, mine just lasted a lot longer then most. It stills plays audio, and the hum, but I unplugged it as to not damage the driver. I called to get the repair info, but I guess I am going to be subless for a while as I have to save the money to send it in. Being laid off, I have actually had a bit more time to catch up on movies, but I guess now they'll be subless.....


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    A loud hum is probably just a bad power supply cap. How handy are you with a screwdriver and soldering iron?
    Are you part of the dirty digital peasants or a member of the great Analog Master Race?

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