OK. I was getting high HC's on a pre-test for smog certification here in California. ,I've been needing rear cats for a while but California FINALLY approved some Magna-Flow aftermarket cats this year. The dealer wanted upwards of $1200.00 for parts alone, the Magna-Flow cats are about $90.00 each (my car has four). Installed total cost was $360.00 at the custom muffler shop.

This is an extra car with 170,000 miles on it and I'd like to keep it for as long as I can drive (sentimental value, my first Jaguar). Looks and runs great.

I had both rear catalytic converters replaced on Monday and
the car passed with the following numbers:

HC (PPM) - 79 at 15 mph - max allowed is 80, avg. is 55
CO (PPM) - 0.01 at 15 mph - max allowed is 0.46, avg. is .14
NO (PPM) - 9 at 15 mph - max allowed is 681, avg is 43

HC (PPM) - 38 at 25 mph - max allowed is 45, avg. is 32
CO (PPM) - 0.03 at 25 mph - max allowed is 0.43, avg. is .12
NO (PPM) - 0 at 25 mph - max allowed is 687, avg is 35

The very high HC reading I'm still getting at 15 mph is
bugging me. Could it be a dirty AFM?

Any ideas?

The car is running noticeably smoother with the new cats.