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    Default TL 350 questions

    Im interested into TL 350 set, but I dont know how maximally strong can my amplifier be regarding speaker watts per channel.
    The speaker specs say that it should be between 10-125Watt.
    If you have to choose between 105 watt/channel amplifier or 125W amplifier/channel with discrete amp configuration.

    Second question is to some polk subwoofer recommendation to fit with TL350. In general I dont like bass overkill at all. My living room is 7x5m. Passive subs are preffered.


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    anyone pls?

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    The speaker is indicating how much power you should send to the speaker. That does not indicate how much power the amp should have. You can have a 1000W amp. Just don't turn it up all the way.

    You will likely not require that large of a sub to match the 350 since they are satellites. I have hear anything below PSWi225 is not recommended.
    LR: Polk Monitor 70 (willing to sell if interested)
    C: Cerwin Vega E-75C
    Sub: HSU VTF-2 MK3
    AVR: Sony STR-DE835

    5.1: Paradigm CT110
    AVR: Integra DTR-4.6

    WTB: RTiA9 or RTi12

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    I plan to grab the RX-V571 or RX-V671

    The 671 model will have dicrete amplifiers for each output and will push 125Watt. So you think attaching TL350 to such receiver would be ok?

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