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Thread: Soundbar 6000

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    Default Soundbar 6000

    my soundbar 6000 was installed today. I noticed that once i turned off my speakers on the TV and only had sound coming from the sound bar i lost my tv volume screen(so now i have no idea waht volume i am on). How can this be fixed? Also the subwoffer? No volume menu either? For $500 system this is pretty mediocre at best. please advise if their is anything that can be done

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    I'm sorry there's a problem. Since you have turned off the TV's speakers, the TV manufacturer decided that the on-screen volume menu wasn't needed. If you stop and think about it that's nothing to do with Polk. They didn't design the way the TV functions, right? The same goes for the sub level, there's no communication link between the sub and the on-screen menu of the TV.
    In order to get on-screen menus you would need to use a separate surround sound receiver, with a video connection to the TV, and accompanying speakers and sub.
    Regards, Ken

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