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    Default MM1040 SVC better than DVC?

    Hello everyone!

    I was about to buy a MM1040-DVC until I noticed the manual:

    MM1040-SVC 350w RMS, 91DB sensitivity
    MM1040-DVC 270w RMS, 86DB sensitivity

    I've never actually seen something like that before. What gives?

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    Jun 2011


    bump... did u ever find out if those DVC specs were correct? cause the polk website says both are 350w RMS but the spec sheet contradicts it...

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    Bump an old thread. I had a polk employee tell me today that the svc versions are more robust. I posted this in a couple of my threads and practically got laughed off the forums. If this is misinformation where did it start? Polks site seems to have more inconsistencies than most.

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