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    Question HT PSW125+CS20+TSi400+?(TSI200 or OWM3)

    Hi all! I'm newbie. I'm trying to buy the components of my HT.

    I already have a PSW125 as subwoofer, a CS20 as center, the pair TSi400 as front hears but I don't know how to finish the 5.1 or 7.1:

    2 TSi 200 + 2 OWM3 to 7.1 or

    4 OWM3 to 7.1 or only

    2 TSi200 or 2 OWM3 to 5.1.

    Any help? Thks in advance, Fabio.

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    Typically a 5.1 in the right room will sound better than a cramped 7.1. How large is the room this going in? My personal opinion would be option 3. Just get the 5.1 and see what you think. Then decide if you have the room/setup for 7.1.

    The OWM's are very versatile and can be placed in all types of spaces. The 200's would be larger and limit the places you can put them
    Front - RTiA5's
    Rear - RTiA3's
    Center - CSiA4
    Sub - PSW110

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    Go for 5.1 to start. I would also suggest that if you have the space, go with the TSi200's. I have an almost identical setup (CS20, TSi400's, TSi200's and a DSW Pro 600). I can't imagine having anything less that the 200's for surrounds.

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    Tks Packetjones and DanAckerman! PJ, my room space is 4x3 meters or, I think, ~12x9 ft TV room together with a 9x9 ft dinner room. I have space for a 5.1 with TSi 200 but not to a 7.1 with TSi 200 + OWM3. Really tks for helping! So, I think the best for me is TSi 200 instead of OWM3 to surround my PSW125 + CS20 + TSi 400, all right?

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