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    Default Further Help on CS10 vs CS20 and M50 as Surrounds

    I will be buying the Pioneer VSX-1021 AVR when available (I like the iPhone support) and looking for a decent 5.1 speaker set up. I'm waiting for "sale prices" to attempt to get near-best price and trying to balance "new" models with price advantage of "legacy" models. So far I've purchased the PSW110 sub and CS10 center. My room is 14x20 and listen 50/50 HT & music

    Receiver: Pioneer VSX-1021
    Fronts: TSI400
    Center: CS10
    Sub: PSW110
    Rears: Monitor50s

    I have two questions I'm hoping the Club Polk's experience and expertise can help me with:

    1. After reading through many posts I'm thinking the CS10 may not be enough and that I should make a bigger effort to support the additional 3" length of the CS20. My original thought was the CS10 5.25" speaker size matched up well with the TSI400's 5.25 speaker size. Is this erroneous thinking? Is it actually preferred to have a slightly larger speaker size for the center (i.e. the CS20)? Or should I keep the CS10s? They sound fine but I don't have all the components in place yet and won't have the opportunity to exchange them for CS20s unless I act soon.

    2. Is it appropriate to utilize Monitor 50s as surrounds while having the TSI/CS series up front? I've heard if the speakers are mis-matched they won't sound good but since they're all Polks I should be fine?

    Lesson learned: Error on the side of "too much", instead of "not enough".


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    I don't think your driver size ideology is off at all. I don't know how much it matters in Home Theater. 99% of people who go larger are happier than they were with the smaller version. Getting the most impact out of your center while keeping a timber-match seems to be the most important factor.

    The Monitors and TSi's are essentially one and the same. The TSi is a newer, improved version, but their sound signature is very similar.

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    Thanks DSkip. 99% are good odds. I returned the CS10 and getting the CS20.

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