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    Spaceman Spiff
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    Default 2-Channel......for the first time

    Last night I had my first real experience with 2-channel music.

    I'm not big into music, except for using it as background noise when driving or doing projects around the house. But, there are a few bands, songs and soundtracks that really have an emotional impact or meaning to me.

    So, last night I'm reinstalling windows and everything else on a new hard drive after mine had a flying-head crash on Saturday. I'm flipping thru the channels on TV and come across one of my all-time favorite preformances Cirque de Soliel Alegria.

    After the TV show was over I grab the soundtrack (one of the best ever) and head on into the Green Room (with a beer). Just to kick back and have a listen. The CD goes in, the lights go off (complete darkness in the room) and I sit dead center in the sweet spot and the volume goes up....way up.

    As the opening track begins Alegria I sit utterly amazed, what an experience. Instruments seem to be all around, no localization from the speakers at all. Vocals directly in front of me, drums to the left, cymbals behind, violins to the right, bass that just seemed perfect enough to vibrate the senses for a chilling feeling that gave me Goosebumps. It was almost surreal, like floating in a music bubble, it was coming from all around.

    All this from 2 speakers and a sub. I had no idea. I built my rig only for HT, but from what I experienced last night at 95db on the low end, I was...., you know, words just cannot do justice.

    It was awesome. I need some mono-blocks. More power:) Man do I love my Polks...............great, great speakers guys.

    Peace Out~:D
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    Popped the cherry on 2 channel, wow.

    Mono Blocks oh no there goes the budget.
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    Default no not really.....

    I have been doing some investigating.....Marantz makes a couple of monoblocks that are not all that expensive. While they are not the last word in performance I suppose, they are pretty damn nifty. The MA700 (200 watts) can be had for around 300 bones and the MA500 (125 watts) is less then 200. Not too bad, I think, and I do like Marantz power.

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    Congratulations. It only hurts the first couple of times.
    Make it Funky! :)

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