Ordered this DVD-A from CC. 14.83 with tax for 22 tracks including two amusing monologues. Old Blue Eyes never sounded better, he is backed by Count Basie and his Orchestra, there are some great bass lines throughout the disc along with a crystal clear Xylophone. Lots of horn, sax and clarinet. The piano scores are exceptionally well done. Instruments are given appropriate solos and center stage focus.

The soundstage is fairly well separated. This is a live recording and initially all the clapping was a little distracting, but after some time I found myself becoming engrossed sitting back and getting the feeling of being right their in the room at the Sands. The vocals are clean and crisp and for the most part were set center stage although I got the feeling of Sinatra moving around bit.

Their are some great black and white shots of Sinatra on the disc.
All in all money well spent and a great addition to the jazz portion of my collection.