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    Default Can I run two different sized subs together?


    This is my first post.

    I'm currently running two 10" subs and four 6.5 coaxials. All speakers are amped. All of my equipment is low-end Pioneer and I have deemed it garbage.

    So, I've been looking to upgrade, and have decided on Polk MM-series components and subs. The problem is I'm torn on what subs to get. I know for sure that I don't want anything larger than 10", but I'm not sure whether I want two MM1040 or two MM840 subs.

    So, my question is: Can I run one 10" sub alongside one 8" sub? I've been told before that this isn't possible, but that info came from an unreliable source. Can I?

    EDIT: My plan is to run one MM1040 off a PA 600.1 amp, and one MM840 off a PA 400.1 amp.

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    No obvious reason that I can think of. I am currently running a Polk 10 & 12 together. The 12 was an upgrade for the 10 which will eventually move to another room. I decided to try them together and the overall sound was a big improvement over the single. I eventually will add a second matching 12, but they seem to have different strengths that compliment each other. They are on a split LFE feed and both self-powered. They are also 90 deg out of phase with each other. If you are going to power them separately you shouldn't have a resistance issue. Not sure why someone would say you couldn't. Maybe they thought you would run them in parallel off a single amp which could pose a problem.

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    This is a car audio question. We have a forum further down the main page that will be better suited for this question.

    I don't see why you would want to run different size subs, unless you are putting the 8" up-front. If they will be in the same area, I really see zero gain versus just running 2 10" subs. If you run an 8" and a 12/15" and don't care about the soundstage being completely in front of you, then I could see more gain. Even then, I don't think it'd be much to gain.

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    I was hoping that I might gain a larger frequency range by running two different sized subs. With the 10s I have now, I seem to be lacking mid-bass response.

    I thought maybe an 8 would fill the void between the 10s upper frequency cutoff and the 6.5s' lower frequency cutoff.

    I've been told that it is possible to run into problems with "cancellation" when running subs of different size in a car audio system. This was by someone who doesn't really have any real car audio experience, so I was unsure whether there was any truth to it.

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize there were seperate forums for car audio. I would appreciate a moderator moving this thread to the appropriate forum.
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