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    Default Help hooking up a surround sound system to hear live tv

    I have a DVD home theater system from Samsung. I hooked it in directly to my TV via HDMI cable. I also have time warner cable (digital cable). THat is also plugged directly into the tv via HDMI.

    When I try a DVD, the surround sound system sounds great. But I want to make it so that I can make the surround sound respond to regular tv watching (esp watching sports). I tried plugging the DVD/Receiver into the TV directly and into the cable box, but nothing is working thus far.

    So when I'm watching regular tv, and I turn on the home theater system, my tv sound goes out. The system reads: digital in. I can make it give sound again by switching this to Aux 2 or Aux 1, but the sound that comes out is the regular sound (from the TV).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The way I think I did this was to go direct w/ HDMI from avr to tv then to hdmi out to tv to get on screen adjustability. Now ,this was not what I wanted. The sound from movies and music was great but what I wanted was to listen to tunes w/ tv being silent. So now I have a HDMI from cable box to tv, another HDMI for the on-screen stuff and added a toslink optical from cable box to amp. Now my system does all I want and I even recently added RCAs from my desk top puter to to my Yamaha to get streaming audio...Hope this helps, you have most of the cords already except for the optical if you want to go this way.....

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    leftwinger57, I hope so much that your screename is accurate!!
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    The normal and easy way to do the hook up is run a Digial Optical cable from the back of the TV, from where it would say digital out, into a digital in on the Samsung HTIB system.

    Run your cable box into your TV and also run the DVD player into the TV as well with the HDMI cables.

    What it sounds like you are doing is using an HTIB (home theater in a box) which the only way (normally) you can get any audio from anything else is by running a digital cable from the digital out from the TV into the HTIB. This would then send any audio recieved into the TV back into the system so you could listen on that system.

    If the system is only a 5.1 you should be ok. If it is a 7.1 system you will probably not hear anything out of the rear channels, etc. If you need more info let us know.
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    oops..wrong thread,carry on gents.
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