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Thread: QUICK Question

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    So I just got a set up with polk rti a3s, and a csi a4 center and am in need of a subwoofer. I found one on craigslist. Its a mirage frx s8 and it is for sale for 40 dollars in great condition. Thats around the price I want to pay, not a lot but seems like a quality sub. Will that go well with my polks? Or will it mess with the sound experience. PLEASE let me know soon! I want to get the sub before someone else snatches it up!

    Thanks a lot!

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    Get the best sub your budget allows, if you can pick up a decent one for $40 you might as well. If you don't like it i'm sure you could sell it for the amount you paid.
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    +1 What B Run said
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