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    Default I would really appreciate help


    First, whoever is reading this. Thank you for your time.
    I am a do it yourselfer but need some serious help.

    I have a completely restored 1975 bronco. I have everything done except the stereo. I have already purchased the digital reciever which is a kenwood kiv-700 which is going to go in my tuff console in the middle of the car. Here is the following link to it.

    I first need to get an amp for the console so it will be enclosed and will have to be somewhat small. It is a tuffy console 013 especially for the bronco. Here is the following link to it:

    I also need to get two polk speakers that will be in the middle of the bronco. One on the middle right and one on the middle left. I want the BEST sound and I will not be having a subwoofer at all in my bronco or anything speaker. Just the two speakers and thats it. I think 6 x 9 or 5 x 7 but not sure. The speakers will be installed on these panels listed at this website:

    When replying I will take your answer seriously and probably do what you recommend so please help. This bronco is my baby and i have spent over 30 k on it.

    Thank you ahead of time for your help.



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    The SR series are the best car speakers Polk makes.

    Do you have an idea of what physical size the amp needs to be?
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    I'd suggest the 6x9 dB lineup as it's the most flexible, easy on the wallet and a Polk classic:

    Sonically, they're great, dig deeper than a 5x7 and should keep you pretty satisfied without a subwoofer. I believe that you shouldn't overdo anything and let that Bronco speak for itself.

    As far as an amplifier, keep it simple and based on your size comment, it's small: - 1.5 x 7.75 x 8.25 - You could also buy two and go mono, since it's capable of doing so, for each loudspeaker.

    After you get whatever, post some pics of everything after the install. You should also send your pics to Polk and get them loaded into the system showcase. A vintage Bronco with newer Polk speakers mounted on a clean install sounds excellent!
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    Hello and welcome to Club Polk. While I can't answer your question, as I have no experience with car audio stuff, I would like to say that for a first post? Yours was a welcome breath of fresh air. Very polite, to the point, respectful and you provided enough information to actually answer your question. Nice!
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