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    Exclamation Speakers TSI500 hook-up Denon AVR - 1911

    Hi guys im a newbie here and need help, its about the speakers Tsi500 and the receiver Denon AVR - 1911. Apparently i've notice when reading the cs20 manual that the tsi 500 have low and high connections to the back, and then it led to bi-amp or wire which i really don't understand. So I was just wondering can I set up wires from the speakers (low) to like the receiver front (L/R) and then another wire from the speakers (high) to the reciever surround back (L/R) ?

    I'm sorry if this post doesn't make that much sense but can anybody try to help me out and understand what im trying to ask. If none i'll try to re-post another and try to make it clearer.

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    If your receiver has that bi-amp function, but even if it does,it's pretty worthless to try and bi-amp with an entry level receiver.
    I would just hook them straight up, leave the jumpers in place on the back of the speakers,and hook up to either the top or bottom posts.

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    Bi amping is only really achieved at a very high cost ha

    stick to one speaker wire per speaker, if you really want more power for with an amp

    btw the tsi500's are very nice, ive had them for a few months now
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