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    Default Spread on Fronts RtiA1s, and TL3 rears

    I'd like your advice about the Spread on my L/R Fronts RtiA1's, and TL3 rears. I've attached a detailed drawing floor plan and a photochopped photo of my living room. Yes, the RtiA1s and CSiA4 are not in proportion, and the center is offcenter a little to accomodate the Receiver on the same shelf. The 47" LCD is hung from the wall behind. This should probably be optimized for a seating position compromised between seats 1,2 and couch 3.

    Currently the Fronts are 13.5 feet apart, where the blue rectangles are in the photo and drawing. I'm thinking of moving them in to 7 feet part (on center), mounted on the wall, shown as 2 RED rectangles on the sides of the bookshelves. The cherry bookshelves are 14 inches deep. The RtiA1 is 11.5 inches deep, so it will be recessed 2.5 inches, and slightly more if I toe them in a little. My ears aren't so great and I'm a little nutty about this at this point, so your advice is appreciated.
    1.Will the sound stage be wide enough at the 7 foot width? Or even better than at 13.5 feet? What kind of music or movies (Master and Commander) would be good to test this?
    2.Is the 2.5" recess on one side of each RtiA1 a problem enough to be worth pushing them away from the wall somehow?

    The TL3 side/rear/surrounds are currently sitting on furniture slightly above ear height at the blue rectangle positions shown on the drawing. Some say they should be a foot or two above ear height to be more diffuse or something? Since they're wall hung, it won't be easy to aim them down at the seating position 2.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Distance from screen and "imaging"???

    I've done a little more reading about this and found that the Distance from my ears to TV screen is important . It's 15 feet to positions 2 and 3, and 10 feet to position 1.

    I'm still confused about "imaging". As I'm playing around with toe-in and distance between fronts, how do I tell if the imaging is good??? What kind of music or movie would help in this? I have Master and Commander for a movie with effects. Any suggestions about the music? Something with clear definition between left and right instruments and maybe a vocalist in the middle??

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    My 2 initial thoughts:

    1. If your ears aren't good enough to find the correct imaging and such, then you won't notice the difference even if someone studies these pictures and gives you the exact specifications for distances and toe in and all that.

    2. This room is VERY open, with lots of nooks and crannies for sound to get lost in. I'm sure you're well aware that this is not the ideal room for a home theater, so try to realize that all these tweaks to your speakers are not worth your time. Your bigger problems with your sound are not fixable given that room setup. It is like trying remove a tiny scratch off your car when it is missing a door.

    I don't mean any insult, those are just my thoughts on your situation. I'm sure your speakers are wonderful sounding, and you should enjoy them!
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