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    Default New 2 Channel System

    Last month, while on a nice long, slow and boring cruise through the Indian Ocean on a brand new drillship, I got to looking at some of the fine equipment on display at Roy Mottram's website, Naturally, I fell in love with all of it and had to buy something. So, I ordered up Roy's finest preamp, the SP12, with all available upgrades & options. Included with that is the phono preamp, PH12, with all available upgrades & options. I had to have Roy build the thing for me because I can't be bothered with that now, can I? The grand total come out to about $1300. So now, I had to build a new system around my new preamp in order to justify it's existence. Not hard to do since I had most of the stuff already, just doing closet duty around the house anyway. The only other new things needed were a TT & a rack to put it all in. So, here's what I wound up with:

    TT: Pro-Ject Xpression III with Ortofon 2M Bronze
    Preamp: Custom VTA SP12 with PH12
    CDP: Marantz SA 8001 SACD Player
    Amp: Emotiva UPA-2
    Speakers: DefTech StudioMonitor 450
    Rack: VTI series 404

    I first had a set of NHT Classic 3's hooked up, but those really need a sub to shine, so I hooked up the DefTech's next. They sound OK, but I am going to try it with some Polks next. I have a set of RTI A3's, and there is a small set of towers around here somewhere to try too.

    I also have some other amps I can try too. I have an Onkyo M-5140 (probably a little too small), Emotiva XPA-2 (probably too big), an Outlaw, some "T" class amps and a Sansui.

    What I really want is a TOOB amp though! Looking hard at the Rogue Audio Atlas Magnum. I like that one.

    Anyway, I just thought I would share all this with you guys, and ask the question:

    How did I do??

    I've also posted a photo of the new setup for you guys to drool over!
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    2 Channel rig:
    LSi9"s (modified xover's) & HSU Sub
    Harman Kardon HK 990 Amp
    Onkyo C-S5VL SACD
    Music Hall MMF 5.1
    Furman Elite 15

    HT rig:
    HK AVR-745 & Polk Monitor Series

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    Very cool man.

    Transport: Oppo BDP-103/USB HDD (flac)
    DAC/Preamp: Benchmark DAC/PRE
    Power Amp: Parasound HCA-1500A
    Speakers: Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 Monitor
    Cables: Kimber Hero/8TC; DH Labs D-75

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    Very nice set up!!!!

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    I have two sets of the SM450 - you can do alot if you throw about 100-150 bucks at them...

    Crossover mods go a long way and No-Rez on the interior of the cabinet really really helped these speakers sound from ok to great for the money.

    Nice clean looking setup!
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Name:	Orig Xover2.jpg‎
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Name:	UpgradedXover2.jpg‎
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Name:	interior.jpg‎
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ID:	57969 /////

    "No, that's silly talk. Dude, you can't possibly be this audio dumb so quit the act." - Doro

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    Sweet system!
    Linn AV5140 fronts
    Linn AV5120 Center
    Linn AV5140 Rears
    M&K MX-70 Sub for Music
    Odyssey Mono-Blocs
    SVS Ultra-13 Gloss Black:D

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