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    Default Anyone have some good AM/FM receivers?

    I've been putting this off for some time now.....but I think this would be on the cheap side compared to all other things I've previously bought.
    So I guess im looking for something that gets good reception.
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    inspiredsports has two Tuners for sale here..both look good!

    Take a look!


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    Randy, I hate to say this. I really do, but FM/AM is an outdated product. You can get the same quality [sometimes much better] by going online and adding it from your computer or rig. It's nothing audiophile, mind you [Neither is FM/AM] but the worldwide stations sure as hell beat the local stations that come and go with the weather and other factors I won't get into right now.

    I can't believe I just said that.

    92.3 out of Greensboro, NC is my favorite for classic rock. Here's a link....

    Click onto whichever works for you. Best thing is? No antenna or reception issues....just the station. I hope this helps....
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    Nothing for sale, but in terms of 'affordable' vintage receivers of fine quality and performance (and FWIW), I am a sucker for Yamaha:

    (that's a CR-2020, which did get some use in the living room for a while some years back, mostly with a pair of Allison Ones)

    That said, I would echo the previous post, sort of, and suggest at least considering an integrated amplifier. A Yamaha CA-800, CA-1000, CA-1010, or CA-2010 would be just dandy from my admittedly phenomenally biased perpsective.

    EDIT: oops, you meant tuners! nevermind...

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    all the best,

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