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    Default Twisting Wires for less distortion - Speaker and Electrical Wires

    I am rewiring my home theater and my father mentioned twisting the wires.

    He is an aviation engineer and he said that on the airplanes they twist any wires that are sound sensitive.

    He said that when you have long straight runs of any wire, it becomes an antenna and picks up distortion. He said that by twisting them about every 6 inches it drastically reduces this.

    I did buy the 12 gauge shielded wire, so I do not know if it will make a difference.

    Has anyone tried this or heard of this?

    Is it worth the little extra wire required to do so?
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    It wouldn't hurt, but I'm not sure it would be effective. The induction of current in the aviation realm is of concern in the RF range of frequencies, not audible. Your speakers are not capable of being distorted from this.

    In a situation where the distortion will be amplified, such as inputs to an AV receiver, this would be of concern. This is why interconnects use a braided conductor; the different directions that the conductor strands run in the cable negate any interference induced in that cable from outside sources.

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    I'm going to go against the grain here and recommend Monster Inwall CL rated wire since I'm assuming your going to bury them? I'm certain there are other brands available, but the internet did not exist when I wired my room. How's that for being old!!

    I bought a roll of it from Crutchfield when I wired my HT and it appeared to have a twist already there.

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    Those wires would help protect from interference from 60hz AC current from wires already in your wall.

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