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Thread: cable decision

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    Default cable decision

    I have a basic Carver system and a pair of SDA2's bought new years ago and need speaker cable advice. Twelve feet max length. And can someone recommend an amplifier tech near NE Atlanta? Thanks

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    What's your budget look like?
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    Default cable decision

    I have $100 for cable,etc. to spend. My real money must get the amp repaired. I don't think the problems are more than I could handle fixing, it's the diagnosis where I come up short in knowledge. I appreciate the DIY info and will walk that way soon. Thanks, Rob

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    Just go with a 12 ga stranded copper speaker wire. Here's something that isn't terribly expensive:

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    PM TNRabbit and ask him about the cables he gave me to play with this past weekend. They are in my system and they are a VERY NICE cable! I don't have them on my SDA's right now but they are quite impressive, I can only imagine how they'd sound on them!!

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