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    Default New to home theater

    Yamaha RX-A3000 Receiver( a bit overkill ). Room size 13' x 13'. I have a $600 credit at Newegg and they sell Polk speakers.
    What is the difference between the TL2 and TL3 system ? Is it worth the extra money for the TL3s? If i go with the TL2 is it better to buy the 550WI subwoofer or go with the TL2600 package?


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    I can not reall comment on the TL2 vs TL3. Te tl3 is better but I have heard nothing but great things about the TL2's. In regards tot the sub I would deffinetly get the 550WI. It will blow the doors off the package sub.
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    The TL2 uses the tweeter from the RTi-A series...the TL3 uses the ring radiator tweeter from the LSi series.

    I haven't heard either, but I'd imaging the TL3 would be a considerable upgrade.
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    I have not heard the TL2 but walked into distributor the other day it was very quiet except the music they had on spun around in circles a couple times trying to figure where the music was coming was coming from the TL3's they had perched on the counter .....was very impressed
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    Thanks for the info. I'm going to Best Buy or Greegs to give a listen, but i hope to get some more replys.

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