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    Default Replace Monitor 7b fuses?

    I have a pair of Monitor 7B's w/ no upgrades etc. They sound great. They have original fuses. Should I replace? If so w/ what?? what size, where do i get etc.


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    As long as the fuse is the original and everything seems to be working correctly there's no real need to replace it. You might want to remove the fuse and use some metal polish (such as Flitz) to carefully clean the metal end caps of the fuse. Also use a Q-tip and some polish to clean the metal parts of the fuse holder where the fuse ends are gripped. Maybe a little Deox-it on the speaker binding posts would be a good idea, as well.
    The value of the fuse is 1.0 Amp fast/quick blow type.
    Enjoy, Ken

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