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    Default Choosing a DAC (Audio-GD?)


    I'm planning on buying my very first entry level DAC to be used mainly with headphones, so a combined DAC + headphone amp would be nice. Sometimes there might be a need to feed an external amp with it too, tho. Currently I have Bose around the ear -headphones. I'm going to be feeding it with FLAC / MP3 and the like from a computer source.

    I've seen people compliment Audio-GD 's DACs so I looked into NFB-5.32 and NFB-15.32 a bit. Does anyone have experience / opinion on these two DACs or a suggestion for a better price / value product in their price range (~300 - 400 $)?

    Those two DAC seem quite similar in tech specs. Can someone more experienced point out the main differences between them? Thank you in advance!

    - Trokari

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    You could look at some of the pro-audio interfaces from companies like pre-sonus/focusrite/m-audio/esi etc.... I use a 2 in 4 out plus HP jack and it's been a real performer with a PC as source.

    I rip everything full bit rate (1411Kbps) wav. I am feeding a Yamaha PS2500 for the mains (LSi 9's) and Behringer EPX2000 for a dual opposed Infinity Kappa 120.9w sub. Able to use the crossover built into the mixing software for the sound device to manage the sub. It's a stellar setup and there was nothing reasonable in the consumer audio space that could do what my setup does for the budget I had.

    The guys at Guitar Center were awesome, had good recommendations, let me try out what I needed to try out and said it I don't like it bring it back.

    They also pointed out that I am listening on equipment that the actual music is made on.
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    Having owned a few, I don't think you can go wrong with any Audio-GD DAC/headphone amp.

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    I have the older NFB 5 and love it. If your not going to be downloading hi Rez 24 but recordings you can get away with some of the older audio gd products.

    My NFB 5 isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

    Some other amps/DACs good for a small setup are the Audioquest dragonfly and meridian DAC (name escapes me at the moment)

    Both those are MUCH more portable than the audio gd units and are DACs and headphone amps as well and under 250 each IIRC.
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    Thanks to everyone who replied for tips and suggestions. I'll look into the more portable DACs EnderShadow suggested too.

    - Trokari

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