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Thread: the burning in

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    Default the burning in

    Hi guys, Once again I maybe understanding half the thread and the other well lets just say I'm trying to absorb it.
    ABOUT burning in gear.this is the part1. I can understand because tubes need warm up time and time in general to work at optimal specs.Now w/ spkers this gets a little hairy w/me, how do you know what your optimum sound is. is the 25 hr burn in at a given volume the answer to spkr burn in.
    Now about cables, I'm a convert that quality does matter but for me it was
    instantainious, so whats the burn in for wire. I know some will say give it time and you'll hear the difference and then the others will say if you did not hear a difference you probably wont. And so it goes the burn both was YES/NO.
    Another debate that with out specialised engineering can you prove it to me, please......LW

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    Quote Originally Posted by leftwinger57 View Post
    Another debate that with out specialised engineering can you prove it to me, please......LW
    I don't think anyone can "prove" it to you. You can only "prove" it to yourself. Put the cables in place (IC, power, speaker, etc.) and listen to the initial sound. Then, let them run for a few hundred hours and go back and listen to them again (or you could even listen to them a intervals in between). Either you hear a difference or you don't. One key is what your awareness level is at when you are doing the listening. Depending on the set of cables, the difference can be large or minute. If it's minute, your awareness of the sound needs to be that much greater. Hope this helps a little.


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    Another idea: Buy two pairs of each. Burn one set of cables and speakers in; leave the others in their package. THEN listen to both in a blind A/B comparison and tell us if you hear a difference.
    Do you hear that buzzing noise?

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