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    Default New install 99 mustang gt convertible?

    Hello and thank you for looking at my thread and answering my questions.
    I have a 99 mustang gt convertible and will be installing the polks mm 6501 in the fronts and in the rear and be running the sr104 10in dvc. my car did come originally with the mach5 stereo system but will not use any of it. I purchased a kicker pkd1 amp kit thats 1/0 awg dual and is good for 3000 watts and xw 12 awg wire for the speakers. I havent recieved my rca cables yet but i bought a kicker 4 channel and 2 channel. I have a pioneer after market deck with 3 preouts cant remember the style but was really good for its time its about 5 yrs old. not im not sure how to run my wiring as i have heard mixed reviews about how to do it. i do have my entire interior ripped out including the carpert and can run the cables basically any way suggested. if it helps i can take pics of the inside. also i dont know where to mount the (forgot the name but the boxes that you connect the wires to and than wire again to the speaker). Also seen on ebay a custom box thats made to sub dimensions but fits in the corner of the convertible trunk but the subs face east n west of the trunk. what do you think as the trunk is small due to the convertible top.

    Thanks again, Eddie

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    I forgot to say i got pa1200 amp and a pa500.4 amp

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    I'm about to try out some MM6501's in the doors of my 96 Z28 vert. I'm not planning on a sub at all at the moment becaus the car will most always be driven w/ top down which creates a barrier to the trunk and it just seems to me that a sub back there would deliver muffled/muddy sound. I'm hoping to get enough bottom end just running the polk's active w/ a 4 ch. amp with plenty of raammat/ensolite in the doors, floor, etc, and just deleting the rears. I'm not looking to rattle windows a block away, just some pleasant jammin' down the road w/ some Godsmack, Disturbed, and such.

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