Ok. So, I have a question on which amps to go with. Right now Im wanting to go with the Apline M2000 for my sub amp, and the PDX F6 for the comps. Now as I have been reading on here, and looking, and Im wondering if I could just use the Polk amps. Looking at the PA1200.1 for the subs, and the PA500.4 for the comps. One of the main reasons I want to go with Alpine is, because they have the soft turn, and off feature which will help with that pop sound you sometimes get when you turn on, and off your radio. As far as other features go both the Apline, and the Polk are pretty much the same. HOWEVER, the one thing that concerns me about the polk amp is the rms rating at 2 ohms; the sheet says 800 watts rms. I mean I will be running two SR 12's most likely DVC's, and I really dont want to drop below a 2 ohm load. So, any thoughts on this??