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    Default finally heard back from MONSTER CABLE

    Hi guys, this minor problem has been going on for a couple of days now and I heard from MONSTER tech support. My original complaint was when I bought these Monster Cable ICs that I could barely get them on. I heard from a bunch of you guys saying it was the Monster grip of death and seemed to be pretty prevelant this forum. I got a call a few days ago and did complain and the tech said he's heard of this before and when puttuing them on or off they should be put on w/ a clockwise twist and that was it. Today 4pm my time I get a call from Tim who is the head dude at tech and gave him the whole rap again. This time I was pretty shure he got the message this time and I had a few more problems w/ Monster he should know about.
    1. The Monster Death Grip ( and I told him to go to any audio forum and see what they say about this problem.
    2.I tried to tell him that the measurement was off between ft. and mtrs. /this could have been a very bad problem.
    3.To be put on hold at tech support for what seemed like a half an hour which
    sucked royaly.
    So after presenting him w/ these problems ,he told me they added 20 phone techs JUST THIS WEEK (what a coinsidence, and I don't believe him at all.)
    And the technique of putting on or off RCAs is by placing them on clockwise only, which is no where on the literature of there truely Monster Bister Pack.
    At the end of my conversation I said when you guys do your bull session like every corperation does I think these things should be brought up.

    At a totally different product I got an E-MAIL from the guy who sells Seymore Amps w/ the D-CLASS ICE TECHNOLOGY and very politely said that I was pretty much out of my spending, set-up and what is would do for me..
    The guys name is John Casler and said w/ what I have now I should work on my speakers first because my Adcom gfa 555 was a great amp (his words not
    mine.) So again I've learned alot of tech stuff and lodged my complaints loud and clear.Thanks guys I am having a great time online here......LW

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    Why do you continue to start new threads when you could just put this in one of the many other threads that you have going? You don't need to start a new thread every single day.

    I'm glad that you're getting this figured out and setup, but just chill out a bit and continue your thoughts about something in the original thread.

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    The problem with Monster cable's isn't their 'deathgrip', it's the fact that you're using them to begin with.

    There are far better cables out there for the amount of money you'd spend on said-company.

    Just sayin....
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