On Friday, I picked up a brand new sealed pair of RTi100's at Circuit City for $185 each (total $395). Was a fantastic deal and the speakers are wonderful. I will use these as the mains in the living room. Now for my question on the AB755's. I purchased a pair in 2001 and am just now installing these. These will serve as the rear surrounds in the same room. I had wired my house up when it was built in 2001/2002, so no problems. Today, I cut out the drywall and the wires (Monster 12 gauge in wall) were right there. My question is how much poly stuffing do I need to use in the wall. There was fiberglass insulation in the wall box which I removed today. I got 20 oz of poly-fil and also some high loft crib size batting. I initially placed the loose poly-fil and mounted one speaker. However, I must have placed a bit too much as the screws tangled up the poly-fil and hence I could not secure the speaker firmly in the cut-out. Does anyone know whether loose poly-fil or batting is to be used, and furthermore a rule of thumb on the quantity?
PS - I am looking to get the CSi40, but it is $299 presently.