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    Default wireless blu and streaming netflix question

    thinking about getting second blu ray for bedroom, could possibly run a line from cable modemwireless router we now use as a splitter, but not wireless.

    My question is will we experience buffering and video probs, have heard some things.

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    Not sure I understand your question but I use powerline devices with 4 port switches to feed PC, BLU-Ray player for netflix with no issues, same config in 2 rooms.. More than likely your only concern would be the speed from your ISP.
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    Of course this may be situation dependent but I have experienced no issues [yet] with running two movies or streaming music on one and movie on the other...or vice-versa. Both of them are wireless, one is the main computer and the other being the Blu-ray player.

    Then again, I don't run both in this scenario everyday.
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    I have been an unwilling test victim for minimum requirements for streaming of Netflixs due to my ISP provider over the last couple of months. As I would run into problems I would perform a speed test to see what my streaming rate was and also some tests when it was working well. Fortunately they have speeded things up a bit and while I am still in the lower 30% of streaming speeds for the country, it know functions fairly well. I am using a PS3 to stream. Cat 6 cable run directly from wireless router. ISP on cable tv line.

    1.0 to 1.5 MBps Unfunctional to very spotty, frequent stops and reload pauses. Sometimes even though it is running, picture looks distorted, somewhat like watching TV on a reflection in a pool of water. Error message from Netflix saying movie is not available at this time.

    1.5 to 2.3 MBps. Functional but slow load times. Particularly noticeable when initially pulling up start menu and previewing titles to watch. If running computer at same time web searches or loads will kick off the movie playing and send it back into buffer sequence.

    2.3 to 3.0 MBps Functions very well. Some reloads can occur when performing tasks on computer such as downloading large PDF files or program updates at the same time as streaming.

    > 3.0 MBps No problems with steaming even when multitasking with computer.

    Speed test yielded results of 4.92 MBps this morning so my ISP has somehow brought in more bandwidth, although still slow compared to most urban providers. Unfortunately they also brought in hum, so this weekend I added one of these: It worked awesome.

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    Speed counts when you plan to stream netflix, particularly if you may run multiple devices simultaneously.

    I've heard 7 megs is plenty for netflix. We have 3 computers, 2 game consoles that stream, and a dtv receiver that has on demand hooked up both wired and wirelessly to a 20 meg dsl line. At any given time two or three of those can be streaming/downloading, and we haven't had any buffering problems.
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    Default so wireless netflix is okay?

    I may just go ahead and run another line to the bedroom.

    we hardly ever would be watching in both rooms at same time, but we might eventually put a comp. back in the bedroom, may as well have a line going to the room.

    Its just a bit tight when you start crawling right up to that part of the house.

    Thanks for the input
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